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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Every year around the end of October, Washington DC is taken over by the phenomenon that we call HU HOMECOMING. The city is invaded by both Alumni and people who have never stepped foot on Howard University's campus in their lives. Whatever the case may be, this is definitely a "party hard" weekend for college freshmen, as well as grown men and women whose undergrad years are llooonnggg gone. As an event planner(I hate calling myself a promoter), Howard Homecoming has always been a profitable weekend. You can charge extra just because it's homecoming weekend, you can demand that chicks show you their racks to get in V.I.P., you can throw 3 and 4 parties in one night because there will be SO many folks out that you are BOUND to catch a crowd wherever you set up shop. But as you get older, the thrill kinda dies down, and you look for the QUALITY events instead of trying to go wherever you see your favorite rapper making an appearance. Well that's what I'm here for ladies and gentlemen, to let you know what's what, and to direct you to places that I think might be your best bets for HU Homecoming. Oh, and did I mention that my events are FREE?
First of all, Friday, October 29th Hypnotik Entertainment Presents
"HU-UMD Homecoming: The Battle of the Border" @ Penang
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Now I'm kinda torn on this one, because I went to Maryland, but I spend lots of quality time at Howard. I guess I'd give my vote to UMD for academics, and a vote to Howard for pretty, sexy dark skinned chicks. Either way, it's gonna be a hot party, get there as early as possible, I'll be there doing my usual two step:
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Next, we have a "Grown Folk" Party during the day on Saturday, October 30th in Mitchelville MD @ Myplace Lounge.
Saturday, October 30th from 3-8pm |The Monumental|
Sponsored by "Fever: The Natural Stimulation Beverage"
Hosted by Lyle Silva from Donald Trump's "The Ultimate Merger"
Music by DJ Mixxed & The Kinda Blu Band( )
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Free Admission & Free CD's & Free Gift bags!

I donno if you have heard that band before, or if you have heard me and DJ Mixxed rock a party before, but this joint is sure to have you partying like this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Saturday Night is the HU Finale: We'll be at 201 Lounge for an HU Celebration with no stupid ridiculous lines, no outrageous cover charges, and none of the HU Homecoming BS that you witness every year around this time...come check us out, and of course, hit me to get on that good ol' guestlist:
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Now if you're reading this and you're under 25, I've heard that Wacka Flocka, Rick Ross and a host of other folks will be in town this weekend, so LIVE IT UP!! If you are from out of town, or are simply new to this scene, do some research before you commit to going to a spot that you've never heard of...if you see folks that look like this outside of the event, Image and video hosting by TinyPic You might wanna check out another venue.
Everybody else, you might wanna come holla at us at our events, or check out The Usual Suspectz parties, and my man Eric Taylor's events. Nuff respect.

I'll see ya'll this weekend, be safe and party hard!!

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