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Monday, August 24, 2009

“Tommie Collins' Intimate Playlist”

“Tommie Collins' Intimate Playlist”

They say music soothes the savage beast. I must agree with whoever coined that phrase, because there have been plenty of times where some smooth jazz has mellowed me out from a hyper and destructive mood. No matter how old you are, what race or nationality you are, and even what gender you may be; a nice slow jam can calm even the most hyper person down. This blog is my gift to you...a collection of my favorite slow jams from my teenage years, to now. I consider myself to be a musical sultan, so included in the playlist are valuable comments about selected song. Thank me later, and I am in no way responsible for the children that may be conceived, swallowed or vacuumed after this playlist is downloaded or streamed.

Raheem Devaughn- Prototype
Andre 3000 is one of my favorite artists, but Raheem made this song his bitch.

Atlantic Starr- Send for Me
Back in '98 I used to stop the music during my man Tim's wild house parties, put this song on, and start singing it at the top of my lungs. After 4 or 5 times, people stopped cursing at me, and started singing along with me. R.I.P. Drinking str8 gin directly out of the bottle.

Michael Jackson- Liberian Girl
Fellas: If you're ever home alone..late at night...put this song on, and turn the TV to Telemundo but set the volume on mute....thank me later.

R Kelly- Seems like You're Ready
Be careful, this is one of those songs that will make you leave it in. Don't get Nas-ed.

Mary J. Blige-A Dream

R.I.P. to my Friend Kiana...this song was playing when I left her funeral, and I always think about her when I hear this joint. Make sure you hug your loved ones while you have the chance.

Aaron Hall- All The Places I Will Kiss You
This is some freaky, toe lickin, back scratchin type of music right chea. Make you feel the need to go to Church to repent the next morning, even if you’re not Catholic.

Jamariquai- Everyday
This song is great for vacation sex. Makes you just wanna hump on the beach and get sand betwixt your buttcheeks.

R Kelly- Slow Wind
Get a sexy Jamaican girl to wind for you if you really want to enjoy this song to the fullest. Lawdamercy.

Prince- Do Me Baby
You know how they say that birth control works 99.99 percent of the time? Whenever that 00.01 percent occurs, a Prince song is playing in the background. Seriously.

Bilal- All For Love

This song is for hopeless romantics...who like to get high and do it in public places. I won't judge you, boo.

Keith Washington f/ Chante Moore- I Love You
When I was younger, I was R. Kellied by an older woman who put me onto Keith Washington. Nowadays, I'm the one doing the R. Kelly-ing. *Sipping Deer Park*

Mary J Blige ft K-Ci- If Loving You is all That I have To Do
You can feel their chemistry in this song. For all women who have been jabbed by their man and love it...this song goes out to your dumb asses.

Prince- Adore
This is my number 2 all time slow jam. Words can't express how this song makes me feel, I'd just lick you on the side of the face then blow on it and hope you understand what I mean.

Michael Jackson- The Lady In My Life
My number 1 slow jam, even had it sang at my wedding. I have included the MJ version AND the Lissen Band version, just because I keep it so damn regional.

D'Angelo- How does it Feel
No homo.

Wes Felton- Politics of Blutopia
This song is deep. DC's own Wes Felton wrote and sang this song about strange relationships that we all can relate to so much too.

Christina Agruleria- Loving Me for Me
Perfect song to play late night when you're taking your weezie back to her dorm room.

Chris Brown- Poppin
Don't judge me, please.

R Kelly- 12 Play
Young, seriously. The dude counted to 12, and made it sound GOOD. Gotta respect him musically. Brb, gotta pee.

Dru Hill- Beauty is Her Name
Sure, most of the group didn't even like women for real, but they KILLED this song. Sisqo looked like Tweety Bird.

Lauryn Hill ft D'Angelo- Nothing Even Matters
I hope that all of you reading this meet that special someone who makes you feel like nothing even matters when you're with them.

Robin Thicke- Lost Without You
The perfect "please Don't Break up With Me" song. Play this when you're in the doghouse.

Teena Marie- Portugeese Love
You know near the end of this joint, when the beat gets real fast and bossa nova-ish...use that part to your advantage, if you know what I mean.

Chico Debarge- Is the Love Still Good
This entire album contributed to me being a skeezer in college. Beautiful song, great concept, excellent results.

Please Feel Free to post YOUR favorite slow jams, Let's keep this thing going!

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  1. David Sanborn - The Dream, Everything Must Change

    Did this fool just say he's not responsible for chicks running Day Care Centers from their mouths as a result of viewing his blog!!!!!

  2. You gotta raincheck some of them Mike Jackson songs joe, listening to that nigga while trying to get some mess around and start singing the "Ben" song on accident and let one off.

  3. You's a fool man! I'mma add a few..

    Dwele- "Weekend Love" and "Without You"

    Carl Thomas- "The Babymaker" (self explanatory)

    Janet Jackson- "Anything" and "Anytime, Anyplace"

    Roy Ayers- "I Wanna Touch You Baby"

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. These make xoTonyaCole "Ready to Work"

    Floetry - "Getting Late" & "Say Yes"

    Jill Scott - "Crown Royal" & "All I"

    Kem - "Heaven"

    Robin Thicke - "Teach U A Lesson"

    I could go on and

    @ Mixxed love those Dwele Songs!!!

  6. I'm so dl ing this to my ipod right now!!!

  7. Got some heat on this list...

    The R. Kelly comment is the guts though lololol

  8. Damn! Yeah....that Prototype is that one......people don't understand that song.

    Some of mine:

    Charles Hamilton- Just in Case I Get Her
    Musiq- So Beautiful
    Foreign Exchange- Daykeeper

  9. Chris Brown - Take You Down (don't judge me either...)

  10. "Lost Without You" - good one! imma have to remember that next time SHE screws up and blame ME! lol


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