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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten Reasons You Should Come to Tommie Collins' Birthday Party!

It’s that time of year again folks…my birthday is coming up and I am celebrating BIG!! This Saturday, myself along with a Virgo Host Committee that makes the Dream Team look like last years Washington Wizards, are throwing a Huge Virgo Birthday Bash at Ozio Restaurant & Lounge in Downtown Washington DC. Shots will be taken, tables will be danced on, and relationships will be ruined once the pictures of the night make it to facebook. For those who have never been to a TC birthday party, come prepared with an open mind, bail money, an extra pair of clothes, and a vial of holy water. Special Shout out to Toya "Elle" P., Franko aka "The Animal," ListentoLeon, Bri Cooley, King Kan, and my sister Wildfox for coming up with the top ten list. Oh, and the The Virgo Host list > World leaders & Politicians.

Top Ten Reasons You Should come to TC's B-Day Party:

10) They will be taping his new reality show "Shots of Love" for BET

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9) Chuck Norris entertains himself by looking up "True TC Facts" on the internet.

8) You should come to T.C. Birthday party, so you can be tweet twittering and facebooking from the club, like everybody else that’s gonna be there..dont be left out.

7) Because he licks your face if he really likes you.

6) It is gonna be like the 2009 version of the Sugar Shack painting from Good Times with TC in the middle with his hand in the air.
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5) Because TC will be using his powers to "glamour" people the entire night like Eric on True Blood; u will wake up with no memory of how u got home!

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4) Because the first time we met in “Dream” he told me I was raised to be scandalous because I'm light skinned :-/

3) TC has taken more shots than Kobe Bryant in the 4th quarter. (I witnessed this man invent "Smirnoff Rice")
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2) God don't like ugly, and neither does TC. So expect a good looking crowd.

1) Because it’s Labor Day weekend, and you need to come party with the Virgos!!
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