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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soul Covers: The Blog & The Event

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I always get excited when I see that artists have covered other artists work, just so I can see them put their spin on an already quality project. Sadly, remakes and covers have turned into a way of stealing momentum, instead of paying homage. There are still a few covers that have caught my attention, and have been on heavy rotation for the past few weeks. I would like to share them with you, and also invite you to "Soul Covers:" The event is an art/music showcase at Ben's Next Door, Ft. Jaye Luke & Wes Felton, 2 of DC's own most prolific artists. Jaye Luke will transform your favorite album covers into digital art, and Wes Felton will make those albums come to life through the speakers. 1|17|10 @ Bens Next Door|1211 U Street NW DC|Doors Open @ 9pm

Stevie Wonder originally wrote this song for MJ (with the help of Susaye Green from the Original Supremes) On this live remake, Quincy Jones produced it and added the flutes & horns like only he can. Stevie did his joint justice.

Michael Jackson- I Can’t Help it-

Stevie Wonder- I can’t help it

This dark melodic track was so rock starish, that many garage bands tried to cover it. Lil Wayne killed it live, and only one band could capture that energy and passion with a remake. Introducing Framing Hanley.

Lil’ Wayne- Lollipop

Framing Hanley-Lollipop

It's hard to cover an Earth Wind & Fire song, but if you are gonna jump out there, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. You never know what direction a song is gonna take when Bilal is on it, but he's one of the only artists with enough soul to pull this remake off.

Earth Wind & Fire- Can’t Hide Love

Randy Watson Experience ft. Bilal- Can’t Hide Love

What? You mean to tell me that someone did a respectable cover of a Prince song without hotstepping across the stage in some assless chaps? YES. Raheem not only held his own on the track, but he also takes you to church at the end of the song. A must have for Prince(and Raheem)fans.

Prince-I Would Die 4 U

Raheem Devaugn-I Would Die 4 U

I'm a big Mary J. Blige fan. But I must admit, her new stuff can't touch her old work. It's something about the pain in her voice, I could feel each note that she sang. Her albums were the soundtrack to a lot of smoking sessions back in the day.(or so I heard...) | When I saw that Eric Roberson remade "My Life," I was worried...but after listening to it, I have a new found respect for the man.

Mary J Blige- My Life

Eric Roberson- My Life

This is the most surprising remake of all! I remember sitting in my room listening to Rakim flip this song to a crazy drum sequence, it was the first time I'd ever heard him curse in a song. Years later, Robin Thicke is flipping the song with the same beat, same sample and the same lyrics into a blue eyed soul session. Classic.

Eric B. & Rakim- Mahogany

Robin Thicke- Mrs Sexy

You already know how I feel about this of MJ's BEST slow songs EVER. I am proud of DC's own Lissen Band for remaking this and adding their own swing to it.

Michael Jackson- Lady In My Life

Lissen Band- Lady In My Life

I hope you all enjoy these songs as much as I have, and I hope to see you all on Sunday!!

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