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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cool Christmas Gifts for Guys

It can be hard to shop for a man. They don’t lust over shoes or purses, and you really have to know a man in order to shop for him. Here are some gifts that you can give a man whether you know him or not that he will genuinely appreciate:

-Video Games: Whether it’s an actual game, a special controller, or a new cheat code; some guys will love you for life for adding to their video game experience. This is a gift that they will LOVE, but you will hate because they’ll be paying even MORE attention to the game and less to you. But still get it, tis the season!

-Auto Work: Upgrade his car radio, get his car an alignment, or even get it detailed for him. Men love their cars, so hooking his car up in any way will please him. If your man doesn’t have a car, then replace auto work with a job application.

-Porn: It’s no secret that men watch lots of porn. Nowadays women do too, so why not break the ice and give him a few good porn videos? Don’t want to be seen in the adult video store by your house? Get a thumb drive and fill it up with a bunch of porn videos. Put it in a stocking with a soft hand towel and don’t forget the petroleum jelly.

-Spa Visit: Every now and then, a guy should take a trip to the spa. Get him a Men’s package at a spa because if you don’t schedule it, he'll never go. He’ll appreciate the massage and anything else they provide in the package. You’ll get extra brownie points if you splurge for a happy ending.

-Ammunition: Nothing says I love you like a pack of bullets or shells. Ammo is getting expensive nowadays, and opening up a box to see a pack of Remingtons would make any humbug crack a smile.

-Tickets to a Sporting Event: If your Man works a lot, get him some tickets to a game, and insist that he takes his boys with him, not you. This is like giving him a much needed outing with the guys that he hardly gets to take. He’ll love you for that, plus it gives you leverage when you want him to go with you to the Opera or one of those damn Tyler Perry movies.

-BECKY: Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like some good sloppy HEAD. Give it to him until he Harlem shakes and starts breathing like he has asthma. Then let him fall asleep without bothering him. If you don’t have the ring yet, you will after this gift.

-Tech Gift: A new phone, camera, external hard drive, Slingbox, etc; Men love technology. Whatever hobbies he has, see if you can compliment them with something electrical. If all else fails, get him a new laptop. You can never go wrong with that.

-Tools: Men love tools, point blank. Waltz on over to Home Depot (eff Lowes) and shop around for your Man. This might help you out in the long run; he can’t say he doesn’t have any tools when you ask him to fix something for you!


  1. I got a watch :/ BUT I did the spa visit already lol Guess there's always Becky hahahhahaha

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