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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Hour vs. The Club

Happy Hour vs. The Club

Now that a brotha is getting older, I find it less and less appealing to hit the club every weekend. Along with the fact that I’ve worked there for 10 years, the allure of hitting the streets on a daily basis just isn’t there anymore. I’ve found that hitting an occasional happy hour is just as or even MORE fun than hitting the nightlife, and I’m here to tell you why:

1) NO DRESS CODE: To hell with going out to buy something new to wear to the club. At Happy Hour you come as you are, and no one looks at you funny. You can come straight from work, straight from the block, or straight from prison and you’ll STILL be dressed to DRINK.

2) NO COVER CHARGE: You don’t have to worry about getting a free text, RSVP-ing, or rushing your girlfriends to get dressed so you can get there before midnight. Happy Hour is FREE(just make sure you get there before the drink specials end!)

3) EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS: You never know who you’ll end up chatting with at the bar. You can be sitting next to a rocket scientist or a stripper; either way you’ll be strengthening your brain. (you see what I did there?)

4) AGE AINT NOTHING BUT A NUMBER: You don’t have to worry about looking at someone’s hand to see if there is an “X” on it: everyone at happy hour gets carded, so if they’re old enough to get DRUNK, they’re old enough for you to SKRUNK.

5) BAR GAMES: Go to a bar on Saturday. Find the loudest crew at the bar. Tell the bartender to turn the TV to Sportscenter. Tell them you should all take a shot every time someone on ESPN says “TEBOW.” p.s. get a designated driver before you do this.

6) LEARN THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE: No matter what your race, no matter what your religion, there is always one thing that two people can agree on: Tequila.

7) GROUP SONGS: If you haven’t been out drinking with a rack of broken-english speaking Asians who are all rapping the lyrics to “It Takes Two” at the top of their lungs…then you haven’t lived. PERIOD.

8) EASY SCORING: Unlike the club, you don’t have to hunt your prey…sometimes you can just be…THERE, and it’ll fall right in your lap. Literally.

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