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Tommie Collins
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Signs that She May be Too Young for You

Signs that She May be Too Young for You

Yes fellas, I know that she is THICKA than a SNICKA….I know she wears those tights with little shirts that don’t even cover up her butt…I know she flaunts it in your face while she smiles and laughs and sucks on a lollipop..but it’s all just for ATTENTION. All that glitters ain't gold, and if it is gold, than its FOOLS GOLD. Ya’ll gotta leave these youngens alone, they’ll ruin your life. Or you’ll ruin their life, and they’ll find a way to ruin yours. Every now and then you’ll find one that’s worth keeping, but those are so few and far in between that you shouldn’t count on it. For those who are blinded by the booty and have a hard time figuring out what’s too young and what’s fair’s not about the number (as long as they are over 18). It’s how they act, how they were raised, and a bunch of other factors. What factors are those you ask? Read on….


-She dresses up like she’s going to a Gala just to hit the grocery store;
-She collects cheap purses and shoes (be careful, some old chicks do that too)
-Her ringtones are Waka Flocka, Lil Boosie, or anyone on the Maybach Music label’s songs;
-She asks you, “What do you like on your Steak-ums?” when you ask her to cook for you;
-She’s in the club DAILY, even on Sundays;
-She has a child named after one of the 64 Crayola Crayon colors;
-She doesn’t read any newspapers or watch the news, just updates from mediatakeout &;
-She doesn’t have a savings account, just a rush card that’s linked to her PayPal;
-She hangs out at Gallery Place;
-She says she has a part time job, come to find out she’s the official loc twister for a go go band;
-two words: colored contacts;
-She thinks “Mint Condition” is a hair product;
-She’s not registered to vote unless it’s American Idol;
-She gets your initials on her big toe when she gets a pedi;
-She poses with the “pouty lips” in her driver’s license photo;
-Her grandmother is 35;
-Her makeup matches her tights;
-She has “trap star” tattooed on her neck(in Japanese);

A wise man once said “Age ain’t Nothing but a Number,” (wasn’t that in the bible?? Or was that Aalyiah?) So when you are dealing with someone who is younger than you, it’s all about their maturity level. But if you see her displaying more than just a few of the attributes that I listed above, you might wanna rethink your next move old man.


  1. THIS IS SOO TRUE YET VERY FUNNY!! loc twisting, pouty lipped, make up matchin her tights..I agree..RUN AWAY!!

  2. LMAO WOWZA.I hate when people have them type of ring tones, or don't even know the song Breakin' my heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) lls


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