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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cuffing Season: THE AFTERMATH

Ladies and Gentlemen, CUFFING SEASON is officially OVER. Usually, we'd have another few weeks to snuggle and hibernate, but due to an early batch of spring weather, it's time to loosen those handcuffs and jump back in to the reckless behavior that the warmer months call for. But what if you kinda like being boo'ed up? What if you're not ready for cuffing season to be over? Maybe the season has spoiled you, and you realize that you've found someone that you genuinely care about. Well, this article is for you. If you have caught legitimate feelings during cuffing season that will spill over into the spring/summertime, then here are "THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR BOO AFTER CUFFING SEASON."
Some of you are used to breaking up or slowly disappearing from someone's life around this time of the year. You're now sitting back wondering what to do now that you have a "plus one" in April. Do not fear, there are plenty of things you can get into. Here are a few that I came up just for you:
-Picnics: Sounds corny at first glance, until I mention two ingredients that will make it more exciting; ALCOHOL and HEAD. Find you a non creepy spot out in MD or VA, and get it POPPIN & BOPPIN. Don't forget to pack some Redberry & Baby Wipes for the trip!!
-Bowling: Go with a group or just by yourself. It's even more fun when you compete with one another; bet each other crazy sexual favors to make the game more competitive, e.g. "If you get a strike, I'll give you 10 pumps in the women's bathroom."
-Swimming: You get to see your boo half naked and wet at the same time; this is a WIN WIN situation! If neither of you can swim, taking lessons together can be something that you can do after work or on the weekends.
-Happy Hour: Bar hopping with your boo is AWESOME. Turn a long day at work into a stress relieving drink session at your favorite bar(s). Find a nice HH that does Karaoke and sing a duet or even make up a dance routine. Have a ball in your own little world, while everyone else is looking at you two like "WTF??"
-Plant Something Together: I know this sounds corny, but just think of the money you can save if you grow things that you smo...I mean eat on a regular basis. You no longer have to call someone to get your wee...I mean to get your vegetables, you can just go to the backyard, and you have your own homegrown greenery!
-Cookout: Ladies love a guy that knows how to man the grill. Fellas, have your lady come up with some new dishes that she can make while you're grilling, so that she won't be in your face every 10 minutes asking "is it ready?" Also, marinate everything that you cook in cognac. Trust me.
-Road Trips: Grab a few of your friends or even another couple and head out of town. The simple things that you may do daily are so much more fun when you're in a town where nobody knows your name. Discover new things, make some memories and snap thousands of twitpics so that you'll be able to look back and remember the great time you had in that city.
These few suggestions should get you started, if you have any that you want to share, leave them in the comment section. Happy Cuffing!!


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