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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't Get Played on Valentine's Day!!

Don’t Get Played On Valentine’s Day!
Ladies don’t let your boo play you on Valentines’ day.  Guys will only get away with what you let them, and some things you just cannot shrug off.  Who knows what he has up his sleeve:  whether it’s going out with another girl, going out to meet somebody else, or even staying home to play video games. (If he ditches you to stay home and play video games, then your vagina is TRASH.) At any rate, if he hits you with any of these excuses, get rid of him immediately, and join to find you a new boo who believes in Valentine’s Day, tithes and shit like that.
“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day” - I understand that not everybody believes in White Jesus.  But Vday is NOT about religion, it’s just a day to celebrate the love that you have for a certain person.  Now you don’t have to by her diamonds or take her on a trip around the world, but just a small token of appreciation will make her feel good that she has someone who appreciates her at home.  If he doesn’t believe in Valentine ’s Day at least for your sake, then you might want to keep those options open ladies. 
I have to work”- If you go to, they have calendars for 2013, 2014, and beyond.  It’s not like Valentine’s Day is a secret, it will NOT pop up on you.  What job do you have that you have to work The ENTIRE DAY and can’t fit at least a half hour to see her?  If he doesn’t care enough to plan ahead and take off to be with you, then that’s some selfish shit right there, and who knows what else he WON’T do for you in the future.  (sidenote: I have to work on Valentine’s day, tell your mom I’m sorry)
I’m broke”- You stand in line for Jordans, spend $$ on smoke to burn,  and hit the club every weekend.  Ladies, if you’re not in his budget then you’re not that important to him. 
My Car Broke Down” – If he is a grown man and doesn’t know how to properly use public transportation, drop him.  If you’re dating a man that drives a car that is on its last leg, well that’s on YOU.  If you don’t have a car, then close this blog and get your life together.
“I was arrested/locked up/detained” – If you’re dating a “street dude,” then you should be prepared for this line at any given time, even on Valentine’s Day.  If not, then he’s most likely spending the night over his baby mom’s house, and the only handcuffs that are on him are the ones that she put on him in the bedroom.  Change your phone number and block him on Facebook.
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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