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Friday, May 17, 2013

Common Myths About Black Dating

[Common Myths About Black Dating]

People talk a lot of trash when it comes to dating.  They tell you what they won’t accept, what they won’t do and what they absolutely WILL NOT tolerate.  2 years later you’ll see them with a person they swore up and down they would never fall for.  Why?  The answer is simple: when it comes down to it, some folks aren’t as picky as they claim to be.  There are many myths and urban legends when it comes to dating in the black community, here are a few of them:

 "All Men are dogs:" We know this is not true.  All men that you are attracted to are dogs.  Most women have that “bad boy” phase in their life where they want what they can’t have, and have to taste the “forbidden fruit.”  Many women grow out of that and settle down with a man who treats them well.  Others are still chasing after Chief Keef’s and wonder why they can’t find a “good Man.”

 "Single Mothers are Clingy:" I hear a lot of guys slandering single mothers like they are damaged goods.  Behind closed doors, those SAME dudes who are slandering single mothers are trying to wife them up, don’t be fooled. 

 "Women won’t date a man who lives with his mom:" I have a few friends who live in their mom’s basement, and get more butt than ash trays.  All of these women talk bad about a man living with his parents, yet some of them are creeping out that back door doing the walk of shame in the morning.

 "Chivalry is dead:" No it is not.  If a woman says this she either is dating the wrong men, or is not fully prepared to accept “chivalry.”  The same women who say chivalry is dead are the same ones who won’t let a man open the door for them because they think he’s gonna look at their ass.  Oh, and FYI, I looked.

 "Age aint nothing but a number:" Yes it is.  Age is a code for maturity level, naivety, and ratchetness.  If you are out on a date and your young chick doesn’t know how to respond in the correct manner, you’ll see just how much more than a number her age really is.  Same thing applies to cougars and sugar daddies. 

   "Social Networks have ruined dating:" That’s a lie.  You just happen to chat with folks who catfish you and have no intention of ever meeting you in person, let along taking you on a date.  Or maybe YOU are the catfish, hmmmmm

"It aint trickiin’ if you got it:" Tricking is tricking no matter if you “got it” or if you don’t.  The only difference is, rich dudes don’t give a damn because it’s their money and they spend it how they please.  Broke guys worry about it because they are pinching every penny they can hold on to.  


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