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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Women and Football

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{Women and Football}


@StillettoJill.  @ChelsIsRight.  @TheNFLChick.  The Gridiron Gals.  These are all examples of women who love football and probably know more about it than you.  Nowadays women are REAL fans of the sport; they will crack open a brew and watch a full days’ worth of football right along with you.  Some guys don’t like it, they still believe that women should be in the kitchen and not trying to watch the game with the fellas.  A smart man however, will use this to his advantage.  What better way to get your “foot in the door,” than to talk sports with a hot woman?  That’s the American Dream!  Well ain’t it??  Today is your lucky day fellas, because I’m going to help you out.  I’m going to tell you the personality types of female fans of each NFL team, so that you can prepare your approach by simply looking at which NFL jersey she’s wearing.  Thank me later!!
Female San Francisco 49er Fans – Really Cool and Down to Earth.  Most are addicted to anal sex.
Female Arizona Cardinals  & St. Louis Rams Fans – No such thing.
Female Seattle Seahawks Fans - Pretty, soft spoken, and extremely racist.
Female Washington Redskin Fans – Groupies for life.
Female Philadelphia Eagles Fans – low down, gritty and grimy.
Female New York Giants Fans – Smart, classy, and better than you.
Female Dallas Cowboys Fans – Hard to get along with, but the vagina is excellent.
Female Atlanta Falcon Fans – Buys Pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store.
Female Carolina Panthers Fans – Clean dress, dirty mouth.
Female New Orleans Saints Fans – Most are musty, but have great personalities.
Female Tampa Bay Bucs Fans – There are no female Tampa Bay Buc fans.  Never were.
Female Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Viking Fans:
Can out drink you and beat you in arm wrestling.  Tread Lightly.
Female Baltimore Ravens Fans – Snoop from “The Wire” was a Ravens fan.  Enough said.
Female Cincinnati Bengals Fans – Most are Grandmothers by the time they are 35 years old.
Female Cleveland Browns Fans – Love to bully their gay husbands.
Female Pittsburgh Steeler Fans – Loyal.
Female Houston Texans Fans - Girls from Texas who weren’t pretty enough to be Dallas Cowboys fans.
Female Indianapolis Colts Fans – Are now Denver Broncos Fans
Female Jacksonville Jaguars Fans – I don’t even think there are MALE Jaguars fans, let along FEMALE fans.
Female Tennessee Titans Fans – Weird as shit.  Like to eat condoms and smoke incense.
Female New England Fans – Best dressed of them all.
Female Miami Dolphins Fans – All trying to get pregnant by Dwayne Wade.
Female New York Jets Fans – Beautiful, except for the gold teeth and tattoos.
Female Buffalo Bills Fans – It’s only one of them in the entire world, and she’s disgusting.
Female Denver Bronco Fans – Only attracted to older men with long heads.
Female Kansas City Chiefs fans – Usually cool, but after this past weekend, approach with caution.
Female San Diego Chargers Fans – Like to drink until they pass out, then post Facebook messages about Christ the next day.
Female Oakland Raiders Fans- Don’t like to shave, wax, or get their toes done during football season.

-Please don’t take offense to this, it’s all jokes!  Well, except for the Redskin and Cowboy female fans description, those two are for real!

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  1. Uhm, the Redskin "type" is not true sir (lol). I'm a FAN for life, not a groupie.......and am well versed on the game thank you :-).


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