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Monday, February 24, 2014


Most sequels suck.   Not all of them are terrible, but so many of them are that I just don’t trust the quality of a movie if it has “2” in the title.  I read on twitter the other day that they are making a “Drumline 2,” and a “Space Jam 2.”  The latest movie that I heard is getting a sequel is Spike Lee’s “School Daze.”  As I shake my head in disgust, I think back to which movies I always wanted to see a sequel to, but never came…here are a few:
This was a very well put together movie.  The cast was awesome.  A part II would have done well no doubt, but I’m kinda glad they left it just the way it ended.
Soul Food
This almost doesn’t count because Showtime had that Soul Food show, so it almost sorta kinda did have a sequel…but they could have made this work, even though Big Mama would have been absent.  I just wanted an excuse to see Nia Long in a movie again.
Bad Boys 3
Look, this could still happen, and I am here for it.  Somebody get Will & Martin on the phone and tell them to get it together.  This cannot however, happen with any other combination of actors.  I’ll personally bomb Hollywood if I see Nick Canon and Michael Jordan in a damn Bad Boys 3 commercial…NO THANK YOU.
Love Jones
I believe that this also could be a huge draw still to this day.  This movie was filled with great poetry, great music, familiar relationship scenarios, and excellent chemistry between the cast.  I always wished they had made a sequel to this; it would have definitely been worth seeing.  And by seeing I mean going out to the movies to see it, not illegally downloading it on your phone.  Not that I do that.
A Low Down Dirty Shame
Jada comes back as Peaches, Keenen Ivory Wayans as Shame.  They are married now and have their own P.I. Firm.  That would have been a dope way to start the movie for the sequel!!  But alas, this movie didn’t make all that much $$ in the theaters, so a part 2 wasn’t even in negotiations. 
Major Payne
What if Payne got deployed in Afghanistan???  No?  My bad, I’m reaching.
Class Act
ok Kid and Play would have had another hit on their hands if they took the Class Act sequel to college.  I mean we’re getting close to House Party 2 territory, but I think it would have been a better decision than putting out that damn straight to DVD House Party 4.  That shit was terrible, man.
Blue Streak 2
Martin & Dave Chappelle!!  This has classic written all over it!!  Somebody call some agents and make it happen!!

What movies would you like to see made into sequels?


  1. I would love a follow up to Love Jones but it has to be done well. Like they did the Best Man. Love Jones is such a classic they risk messing it up forever. Bad Boys 3 could so work, Bad Boys 2 was better than the first one to me.

  2. Coming 2 America part 2


  3. They are in productionn on Bad Boys 3... Comes out late 2015.


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